The Importance Of My Journey To Becoming A Leader

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Prior to beginning my journey to become a leader, I did not understand the complicated path ahead of me or the amount of self discovery involved in such a process. Exploring the possibility of leadership creates challenges in all of the things that you do, and heavily impacts the outcome you seek. Before you become a leader your accomplishments, contributions, and performance all focus on personal gain. It is all about raising your hand, getting noticed and delivering the correct answer!
When you finally become the leader, your goal becomes the continued success of your team and the growth of their potential. Your emphasis is less selfish and more about cultivating their strengths and making them bigger, smarter, and bolder. It is no longer about your individual achievements. What matters now is how you
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I am an executor, the type of person who would rather dive in head first and get my hands dirty. Nevertheless, it takes emotional intelligence and patience to not try to complete everyone’s jobs and responsibilities for them. Coaching and delegating are key parts of being a leader. In the past, leaders guided me to my current position by instilling the confidence and cooperation that it requires to work as a team. In my experience, I encountered leaders that that are a testament to the title as well as those that rest on their laurels rather than furthering their team. Those leaders that work for their title deeply rooted a sense of responsibility in me that carries over to any role, particularly when personally transitioning to a leadership role. I want to be the leader that they trained me to be, and demonstrate that we overcame the hardships of negative leadership. In myself, believe individuals are better than how they perceive themselves. We can help them cut through the obstacles and not give up on themselves. This will help them and the team as a whole to achieve great

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