Personal Narrative: My Interest In Mathematics

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Some people may think that since I am majoring in mathematics I’ve always been good at math. Surprisingly that is not my case, my interest in math was not developed until I my mid teenage years. Currently math is my favorite and strongest subject academically. In this paper I will share my history with math; throughout it, I will discuss my good and bad years of math, how my interest in math started, the persons who inspired me the most to follow this field and how math have made an impact in my life.
Starting with my bad years, when I was in elementary I remembered I struggled a lot in my math classes. But this difficulty was due to my lack of attention in class. I used to not give the sufficient attention to class, and this problem was
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As I previously mention, my cousin was one of them. She is a really important person in my life because she helped me to understand every term, problem, and formula, anything of math related. She used to explain me the process of the math problems and also helped me study every time a math test was coming. Know a day she still around when I need her help even if they are upper grade math courses. My cousin was a really helpful person I appreciate her help on those times of struggle. The authors said in their article that “the little things were important; dignity and humility were essential in shaping public person.” (M. Guajardo and F. Guajardo 7) and I strongly agree. Eventually, there will always be that teacher who impacts in your life. In the 10th grade I meet a math teacher who I will always remember. I became the student of the class which he was proud of, and he was impressed of my knowledge in math. Some classmates didn’t like him that much because he was so harsh on us, but his intention was to make us better life, the authors stated that “The politic we choose to practice is a behavior of engagement” (M. Guajardo and F. Guajardo 17). I admired his teaching and I am thankful for him giving me that little push to become a teacher. I appreciated my teachers so much, they were such good teachers and I can approve it because I learned so much from

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