The Importance Of My Community College

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All through high school it was my dream to go to a four year university with a few of my closest friends. We would have visions of our new, grown up lives together. Full of a new found freedom from our parents and decorating our dorm room to look like one giant Pier 1 advert; needless to say we couldn’t wait. Everything was planned to a T, you name it we had a plan for it. During the middle of my junior year, though, I started to question if a four year was the right path for me to take. I had no idea what I wanted to major in and the thought of all the debt in my future terrified me. So I stepped back from my fantasies of freedom and decided that going to our local community college would be the best decision for the time being. Senior year came around and while sitting amidst …show more content…
I got a waitressing job at a small restaurant and a lot of other kids my age worked there as well, we all became friends there as well. Before I knew it I had a great, cheaper place to get an education, along with new friends and a boyfriend. I was completely enjoying myself at school, work, and outside of work. Eventually I realized that I never should have had doubt in myself. Sure, I may not have had the freedom that comes with living away from my parents for those first two years, but I was still making my own money, pursuing an education, and having great times and making memories with really special people. In my honest opinion, I am having as much fun and learning as much as my friends who went away to four years. If you’re thinking about going to a community college but aren’t sure because of the stigma attached to it or from anxiety about lacking experiences, I say go for it anyway. Trust your intuition and never let what anyone thinks hold you back. College is what you make it and the same rules apply to community colleges; take your education seriously and meet cool people along the

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