The Importance Of Movies About The Holocaust

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Register to read the introduction… Much like books, “Films—whether they are feature length, documentaries, shorts, un-cut testimonies or home videos, and whether they are viewed in theaters, on television sets or on computer terminals—have made a tremendous impact on both our understanding of and our perceptions about the Holocaust.” ( In movies about the Holocaust it is a lot easier to understand the emotions and feelings that a character has to overcome since movies have help explaining the plot with the use of visuals. Many Holocaust books that have been written have a movie made to go along with it. For instance, The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas by John Boyne that was referenced above was such a hit as a book that a movie was made based on the book. The movie allowed you to feel that you were watching the things take place, however. The visual effects create an image in your mind that you cannot forget. The powerful image which make you as a person realize that these events cannot occur again in our society. By watching movies you get the feeling that you are going back in time and you understand how things started to unfold into the big mess that occurred. With the help of movies we can help remember the Holocaust and allow ourselves to make sure it doesn’t happen …show more content…
These landmarks all over the world are a way that the areas show their support and respect for all of the Jews who lost their lives. The purpose is to preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust by informing others of the facts and providing valuable information to concerned people. Museums give attendees an opportunity to become encompassed in the Holocaust material as soon as they walk in. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C is a prime example of this. This museum sits nearby the National Mall, but once you are inside of the building it is hard to notice any of the landmarks outside. The architect did this on purpose, he did not want the buildings “that celebrate Freedom, Democracy, Enlightenment, and Progress” to be in clear view from the inside of the museum. ( The point of building the museum this way is to make visitors feel that they are trapped away from the luxury of our freedom and democracy that we take for granted today. Also, in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, you are given a number for…. The museum is a remarkable example as a way that we remember the holocaust today, especially because of the

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