Teachers In Middle Level Teaching

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As teachers it is important for us to be able to have an understanding of our beliefs and expectations of who we are as a Middle level school teacher and the kind of teacher we want to become. We need to have a plan on how we would teach and why we would teach that way. We need to have an understanding of young adolescents development and learning styles, knowing how to and being able to create a positive learning environment for the young adolescents that has high expectations, is developmentally responsive and socially acceptable. The following concepts are what all teachers in Middle Level Teaching should be aware of. Young Adolescents go through rapid and personal changes during this time. Many of the concepts and principles …show more content…
Many young adolescents at this age very much rely on their parents and other older adults. They are looking for acceptance into groups or just in general. They know that if they are not accepted in society their family will always accept them and always be there for them. Parents lack involvement in school because they feel that their children do not need as much support at that level. They fail to realize that at this time most children if not all are going through so many changes. The decrease in parent involvement in middle schools is said to be due to parents being uncertain on how they can be involved in schools in particular larger schools. Teachers are around their children for large parts of the day some parents feel that they can handle the maturity changes better. Research studies linked the involvement of both family and other adults in the community with the highest levels of student achievement, improved student behavior, and had greater overall support for the …show more content…
They all go through same or similar changes but at different times some sooner than others and some changes occur faster than others. When teachers see these changes occur in their students at the same times or around same time it is hard for students to concentrate and focus because they are thinking about other things they are dealing with. Some students will not always be in class due to issues at home so there are some staff that can help teachers out by staying in touch with families and student so they do not get to far behind. This makes it harder on teachers because there is not much they can do because this is a way of life especially during early adolescents. Schools have school counselors, social service workers, home-school coordinators, and other ancillary staff to help with

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