Essay On Being Pathetic

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What’s really pathetic is the lack of understanding and ownership people who don’t have a mental health issue have, and have absolutely no regard for taking ownership of the way they interfere with another person’s life!
In order to change the way it affects us, we need to change ourselves and how we view the things that we think and do, that are and are not beneficial for us.
When it comes to your medication not taking it or not taking it correctly and not informing your doctor when you have an issue with your prescription. What you are doing is causing unnecessary damage to yourself. Here’s a quote from a doctor who writes for the Huffington Post. It's about what they think when you have issues with your medication “if a drug makes them
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The conversation was a whole lot easier than I thought because people have such a negative attitude towards medication for no other reason than they can’t differ between opinions and facts.
Since then I’ve been perfectly fine, even though there were a lot of bumps in the road before that. Because we are bombarded in today’s world by things that are basically total utter bullshit and we have a tendency to let that impact us. We have a tendency to look in the wrong places and do the wrong things.
It’s not due to being a bad or weak person, it’s because we’re not given these skills and in combination with how these negative opinions from society and how people with mental health issues are treated that to a certain extent, negatively reinforce the healthy habits that we should be doing, and instead they get replaced with negative self care and self sabotaging habits. Then when we need to speak to our doctor, it actually causes us not to and can lead to having really serious anxiety over it, and other serious medical issues.
Also due to the fact that that these habits are ingrained in us, they are very difficult to recognize without the proper tools and deal with them in the proper

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