The Importance Of Media

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Register to read the introduction… I had a two hour and forty minute break, and I couldn't seem to find any of my friends and I had no way of contacting them so I ended up eating lunch alone. As I had stated earlier, the greatest desire to use the phone seemed to happen whenever I wasn't preoccupied, therefore eating alone was miserable. At first I thought how depressing it was that I wanted to use media so badly but then I realized the reason I wanted it. I didn't want to use it simply to text people, or to check up on facebook, but instead I wanted to just be able to reach out to someone so that I could have face to face interaction with the friends of my choosing. We, as humans have become so used to this sense of instant gratification that we don't quite know what to do without it, and I learned this lesson first hand during my day without media. But even with these moments of a desire to use media, once I got home everything seemed to become easier. Since it was a nice day I was able to play street hockey to kill a few hours and then I spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch, and reading my

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