The Importance Of Manager's Code Of Ethics

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Register to read the introduction… If a manager inforce its employees to follow guidelines to the core, then the manager may not be likeable in his employee’s point of view. Therefore, managers should learn how to enforce and bend the rules at the same time in order to keep balance. Indeed, managers should keep friendly yet professional environment at all times. However, if someone, breaks the rule and constantly do so should be warned and dealt with accordingly. For example; one of my employee was not producing and was taking long breaks and due to that I had to visit and talk to him. I did not want to be harsh and cruel with him so I decided to approach him differently. I went to see him and asked him to sit down. I start by asking him the reason why am I seeing him? Apparently he knew the reason, but I did not wanted to be tough, so I asked him, how is his personal life, and what can I do to help him. Indeed, he had some personal issues which he was dealing with and because of that it was reflecting his job duties. Indeed, I also reflected on his long breaks which needs to cut down to normal. Also, if he needs any help he can feel free to discuss with me. Also, I assured him my support as long as he follows the company’s guidelines which he did. My biggest challenge was how can I overcome this hurdle with him and makes him produce. Afterwards, he became one of my top producer and indeed became a supervisor. Managers should know how to take the best out of their employees by leading with …show more content…
Therefore, if a manager want to improve and support its employees’ performance, he shall model that behavior himself first. Indeed, regular feedback to employees help them understand where they stand in terms of expectation. Also, praising employees will help them build their confidence and will boost their morale. Regular team meetings will help in building a stronger team and teamwork. For example; I have my district meeting schedule every three months in which I discuss where we stand this year verses performance from last year. By showing current year is better than last year, helps and ease my job in motivating the team to work harder. Also, I award my top performer with a gift card of his/her restaurant choice as a token of appreciation from my behalf. I try to be a role

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