The Importance Of Making The Wrong Decisions In Life

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We are all aware that children and teens make the wrong decisions that have some influence in their lives growing up in today’s society. Sometimes parents and elders would like to know why we choose to make the decisions we make in life. Do we know how it can affect us, and what are some of the consequences behind the decisions we make? Like today, juveniles commit violent and criminal crimes, and parents want to blame television producers for putting things on television that negatively influence their children to violent and criminal behavior. Believe it or not, parents are concerned about some of the decisions that their children and teenagers make in life. An effective way for children and teens to make the right decisions in life would be for parents to set a better example earlier in life for …show more content…
For example, parents who do commit violence and criminal behavior around their children and teens, their children and teens are mostly like to commit violence and criminal behavior. Therefore, children are not negatively influenced by the media in any specific way. Another example would be that television causes violence that bear little relation to real behavior. In other countries like Russia and Ukraine, based on experiences, some children and teenagers hardly ever watch television because their parents sees television and the media as graphically brutal and violent. Therefore, they do not allow their children to watch television because they feel as though television has a negative impact on their children’s lives. Instead, they give their children and teenagers’ books to read to visualize things, but to allow knowledge and their imagination to help them become more academically advanced. Therefore, television cannot be the sole cause of violent

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