My College Choice

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When making a life changing decision people have to take many factors into considerations. Such as how will it affect me? What is the difference between this option and that option? I had to look at each decision from a different perspective when making one of the most important decisions I’ve ever had to make. The decision I made to come to Missouri Western has given me the ability to not only further my education, but also to begin the path of following my dream.
When I was trying to choose what college I was going to attend that August after I graduated high school I had to think about many different things. I thought about what is the difference between this college and that college? How far was the college going to be from home? Each college that I visited had both good and bad qualities.
My first choice was to attend Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, it was only fourteen miles away which is twenty minutes. My college visit there was outstanding, it is an experience I will not forget. This was the first college visit that I had ever been on. Before we started the first of many events they separated us by the degrees we wanted to obtain. We had the opportunity to experience a college lecture of a required course based on our major. Since I wanted to be a nursing major I sat through a Biology class, it was interesting to me. The
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My favorite thing I did was viewing the manikins that had human like aspects. I had never seen anything like this before, I was so amused. It was fascinating that a professor could control the manikin’s health and diagnose it with a sickness for the students to learn and practice with. The students learned to draw blood, check vitals, and diagnose different health complications. This seemed like an amazing school I interacted with so many friendly students, I felt like I could fit in and make Missouri Western my new

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