The Importance Of Love

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Remember back in middle school when the boys did not matter. It looks like things have changed since then. Your boyfriend is all that you care about these days. I simply imply that you should really think about what you are doing these days and whom you spend your days with as high school ends. You, my friend, need to think about the “what if” in this situation. From my point of view, I can refresh your mind on those “what ifs” with nothing but the truth. I want nothing but the best for you. First things first, I am your best friend he is not. You may be able to say that he has a special place in your heart and you love spending time, but who has been there through all the fights you two have had, or when you guys were on your breaking point and I helped you out, me. I fully understand and in the littlest bit give you sympathy in wanting to have a boyfriend, and experience the feeling of love as much as you can while you are young but I am still here too. It seems that you are slowly pushing me away so you can be with him more. Considering the fact that you can never hang out with your friends because you are with him. Be sure to share your time wisely, with whom you share it with because I am sure to that you do not have …show more content…
We are 100 times more fun than he is. All of our midnight trips to Walmart just to mess around in the aisles; I do not see you making those types of memories with him. You are truly yourself in front of us, not saying that you are not comfortable around him, but there clearly is a difference in the way your friends make you laugh than the way he does. I think he makes you happy, but we make you happier. I think you are too young to be relying so much on someone else who may not be around in the future. You have some of the best friends around who would do everything for you and you still choose

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