The Importance Of Literacy And Learning Process Essay

1622 Words May 1st, 2015 null Page
Cell phones are for sure one undetachable and necessary company of each citizen nowadays and they always come first on everyone’s must-have items list. Phones have evolved through the last decade, they do much more than a simple call and are basically our cameras, diaries, calculator, calendar and etc. Since the internet became accessible through phones, cells have shown how effectively they can influence our literacy and learning skills. In this paper I will firstly discuss what is literacy and learning process and tools to acquire it. Secondly, I will evaluate if cellphones are easy to use, mobile, interactive, widespread and if they are effective on our focus and concentration. Finally, I will conclude whether or not all cellphones meet our criteria and if they are helping us to ease our learning process in order to improve our literacy. Classically, everyone knows literacy as the ability to read and write. Though a contemporary and closer definition to today’s life could be the understanding of information technology, new communication practices and have a linguistic diversity. (ACT Gov) But lets see how is it to be literate today. Its true that reading and writing are not sufficient skills to acquire these days but in order to be able to move into the other literacy factors everyone needs to know how to read and write. Writing is not only drawing the alphabet on a piece of paper; the same goes with reading which is not only knowing what does something sound…

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