The Four Strategies Affecting The Writing Process

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Writing is essential skill which must be mastered by students, all level of education. It is because writing is naturally needed by them in their daily life. The activity such as taking notes, doing exercises, and making reports of experiment. It is also the requirement for the graduation, it happens for college’s students. They must write a thesis or paper as their requirement. That’s why students can not be separated from students learning process.
Writing in every education level will have differences. In elementary, junior, and senior high school, students will learn the writing from the easy text to a difficult. Based on the 2013 Curriculum, in Junior High School students, they will learn how to write a simple descriptive text. Then,
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There are four processes of writing ; planning, drafting, revising and editing (Reep : 9). Each writing process will have different strategy. Moreover, the strategy in each will have a link to other process. For instance, planning will link to drafting, then drafting will link to revising, and revising will link to …show more content…
Based on the primary research through interview with students of English Department, they said the biggest problem they get in the planning to drafting process. It is because they are hard to find an idea in Planning process, and it affects the drafting process. In planning process, they must search an idea to write an essay or text. That’s why they must read a lot of sources text. They can get it from journal or article or chapter of books.
Lecturer already gave many startegies in planning process. One of them is Annotation which is commonly used in Reading. Lecturer gave this strategy to the srudents to help them understood the text that they read as the sources. On the other hand, students did the annotating and taking the idea from the sources. After taking an idea, lecturer asked them to write it as a draft. Here come a problem , when they write they forget all of Idea that they read. Sometime, they did not include the idea from reading to their writing. They just added some opinion withoutt the

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