Why Is Leadership Important To You Essay

An important aspect to the lives of many different individuals is leadership because it helps turn dreams into reality and beliefs into operation. It is because of leadership that my dreams and aspirations have become closer to becoming a reality. Without leadership, I would not be the person I am today and that is why it is important to me. For example, without positive leadership from my high school FFA advisor, I would have faced great difficulty in learning how to collaborate with people that have different personalities and come from various backgrounds. I would have never learned at an early age how to effectively lead and plan an event with a diverse FFA officer team who possessed distinctive strengths and weaknesses. I consider leadership …show more content…
I want to be the kind of leader who has open communication with those around me while playing an active role in the work being completed. Playing an active role includes being motivating and encouraging during the work process in order to influence a strong product of teamwork. I want to build a healthy, effective work environment with emotional bonds that incites a feeling of trust and safety. For example, if an individual in the group was enduring a toilsome time that was affecting their work performance, myself and others would step in and help that person persevere and overcome their tough time. I envision myself being the kind of leader who can accomplish all of this by having positive, healthy relationships with those around me. I plan to lead my team with the mentality that striving for the best results at everyone’s own pace is the key to success. My philosophy in a leadership setting is that organizing tasks and assigning them to people according to what strengths they have is what will bring forth positive team effort and greater collaboration skills. For example, if one person is great at marketing and the other is great at business, they can collaborate together on a project to produce an exceptional product. I can do this by being a dedicated leader willing to work alongside my team, rather than in

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