Essay about The Importance Of Leadership For A Business Environment

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The knowledge I acquired from Walden’s MBA in Healthcare course helped me understand the nuances of the business world. To be specific, the one assignment that truly helped me get a better perspective was the week 2 assignment summarizing the “Big Five Personality Test”. This particular assignment hit home for me because it showed me the importance of not just leadership, but also followership. Until this assignment, I never realized the importance of followership in the growth of an organization. Most importantly, this assignment gave me a retrospective look at my personality and helped me narrow down which of my personalities would be beneficial in a business environment.
Learning about the importance of leadership will help me in my future as a physician, because often times being a physician is about managing your department of nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and etc. Also, it would provide me with the tools needed to run a hospital and its employees as a physician CEO someday. The importance of followership that I learned from this course will allow me to be an effective follower earlier in my career as a medical resident. Often times in medicine, the training period take years; therefore, it is important that medical students or medical residents become effective followers in order for the team to be successful in solving cases. Finally, my better understanding of my most useful personality that I gained from this course, will allow me to effectively…

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