The Importance Of Investment In Early Childhood Education

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Statement of the problem
Early childhood education has not been taken seriously for many years in the New York City. It has been a centre of discussion recently by the media. In the past, there have been policies that government put in place that required high-quality education for the young children. Despite its importance, early childhood education is still seen to be away from supporting those parents who are at work. Recently there has been a debate concerning the provision of early childhood education ("Exposure and Use of Mobile Media Devices by Young Children," 2015). Commonwealth government sees early childhood education has something that is private and the families have to take the responsibility and not the government. Currently,
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Funding of the programs enables all children to get access to high-quality education. By privatizing the program, many children will lack the opportunity to access quality education. Also, not all parents who work can afford to private quality education to their children this is because many children who attend to funded programs of early childhood education are usually from the middle class or poor background. This policy will not only affect the young children but even the community as a whole. A community with a broad range of educated children will always remain underdeveloped with always well-known of …show more content…
This article can be used to convince the policy makers on the importance of funding the early childhood education to enable all children to access the quality education. The author advocates on the policy that supports the ECDs to ensure that all children get access to quality education. The reason I chose this article is that it links the importance of investing in early childhood education. From this article, one can learn that, as much as Early childhood education needs a lot of money to offer quality education, it is worth investing since it results in a big

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