Participation In Early Childhood Education

Statement of the problem
Early childhood education has not been taken seriously for many years in the New York City. It has been a centre of discussion recently by the media. In the past, there have been policies that government put in place that required high-quality education for the young children. Despite its importance, early childhood education is still seen to be away from supporting those parents who are at work. Recently there has been a debate concerning the provision of early childhood education ("Exposure and Use of Mobile Media Devices by Young Children," 2015). Commonwealth government sees early childhood education has something that is private and the families have to take the responsibility and not the government. Currently,
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The author assesses parents’ participation in the early development of a child had a significant impact in the future. From the article the family and the community need to work together with the teachers to provide quality education for the children. It’s not only the school that will help the children develop well but also the support of the community and family members’ matters a lot. According to the article, regardless, of high-quality education provided by the school 's lack of household support could not yield any good results. This is because family members also have to play their role in the early development of the children.
The author of this article tries to show the importance of family and community in early childhood education. The burden should not be left to the school alone, but the parents have to help also. From this article, the reader can understand that, as much as the government needs to provide quality education for the young children, the parents also have their role to play. By working together, all children will access quality education and the society will ripen the fruits. In conclusion, on can learn that education is not only provided in school but also it should be done at
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The reasons as to why I chose this topic are because of the importance of early childhood education to every child. The government needs to continue funding these programs childhood education programs to ensure its continuity. Not all parents who work can afford to pay education for their children. This is because some of the Americans who work are low-income earners. On the other hand, quality education requires massive investment which many parents cannot afford. This topic is meaningful to me since the rate of children who do not attend preschool and kindergarten is increasing at alarming rate. This issue has to be addressed immediately to ensure that all children get access to high-quality early childhood education. This advocacy has a great impact on me since the children of today are tomorrow’s leaders and if they do not get a good foundation, then there will be no tomorrow. Investing in education also means the reduction of poverty and crimes in the

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