Anyon Working Class

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Anyon describes “working class” as the lowest class in this reading. The kids coming from these families survive below the poverty lines or working on a minimum wage jobs. The students were handed over the rules and regulations without explaining the reason behind it. Sometimes they were made to note down the homework and made to complete the work just for the sake of getting it done. They did not have the right to fulfill their wishes or make a decision.
The “middle class” were the students belonging from the well paid families and richer than the working class. The parents worked in good companies, office, teachers, sales, accountants etc. When the students were given assignments to complete, it was more focused in getting right answer rather than understanding the method. They gave a little more analysis of the work and were given little space to show some creativity.
The “affluent professional school” had students coming from professional families. Employed as doctors, engineers, lawyers, secretaries etc. These schools were more creative, less focussed on grammar and other method of studies. The students were given choice to express themselves, expand their ideas as well as choose the material they liked.
The “executive elite schools” were the most expensive and
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She supports her argument by providing the details about the educations provided in different schools in various ways. In this article she tries to find the ways different classes of kids are treated in the society. The working class is kind of a private school just giving hands on the education to the kids, the middle class is more involved in getting the work done in a right manner, the affluent professionals teaches with creativity and in a systematic manner, The executive elite schools teachers are strict and expects their kids to complete the work assigned to

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