Reflection Of A Classless Society

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Since civilization, society has been divided into classes. On a basic level, there is the poor, the rich, and the in-between known as the middle class. However, there are more than three classes sorted by property, power, and prestige. In descending order, these are the underclass. working poor, working, lower middle, upper middle, and capitalist. If these were to cease existence tomorrow and we became a classless society, our entire lives may change.
Since I am a student and have not yet attained my associates degree, I would consider myself to be a part of the working class. Being a full time student, with merely a part time job, I believe determines my class. Often students who are in university struggle with debt after gaining their degree since the price of education is in fact so incredibly high. Even more expensive are prestigious universities and private universities. Universities such as Cornell, or Cambridge are known to offer the
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Property also including wealth refers primarily to material possessions and relates to the value of these possessions or income. Power is the ability to carry out your will without regard for those who resist it. Prestige is described as respect and is often attached to education and career. Considering the things which would change for me in a classless society, I believe that property may be of the most importance to me. Since wealth is included on this list, I think that prestige as well as power can be attained with this. With wealth, you may attain a good education at a prestigious school which may help you gain prestige yourself and land you an exclusive job which gives you power. From another standpoint, this generation usually gives someone respect for what they own because they attach meaning to these material objects which are usually expensive and take them to reflect the owner’s

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