Cultural Reproduction

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Cultural Reproduction
Knowledge is transmitted to the children through the structured and designed curriculum, which could be either in the form of hidden or overt curriculum. I agree with the author and Bernstein (1977) on the issue of reproduction of inequality that” social inequalities originate in class based differences in family structures and linguistic codes and these differences are further reinforced by the schools”. The working class children are familiar with certain linguistic codes and shorthand communications with their family members and peers, leading to restricted mode of communication and dialogues around their home environment. The working class children view their parents more
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As I agree with the author that “students develop preconceived notions based on their interaction and communication with their peers, parents, relatives and their personal experiences in day-to-day life”. Bourdieu (1977) introduced the concept of habitus which is subjective and composed of attitudes, beliefs and experiences based on around one’s social environment. Habitus often promotes a belief among the working class students that they are unlikely to achieve academic success. So it becomes a challenging task for the teachers to handle groups of working class students in the classroom with such destructive behavioral attitudes. There should be acceptable standards of code and conduct so that the people coming from diverse background can work congenially and harmoniously with each other in the democratic society. If the schools failed to have any standard accepted curriculum or cultural skills, then we may not be able to control the chaos and confusions noticed in the classrooms. In such situations, teachers experience much difficulty in day to day instruction proving a hindrance to the progress of the …show more content…
The main reason of sending the children to school is to make them civilized and dutiful citizens so that they can understand what is wrong or right for them and make a right decision and good judgment for better quality of lives. The issue here is that the working class children are not able to interpret and perceive these values in the same way as the middle class and higher class do. Hence, I feel there is a need to communicate to the working class children through the hidden or formal curriculum the significance and importance of these values in achieving good quality of life for them. At the same time, teachers in the working class schools should be trained to develop a cordial relationship with the students and make them believe that they have a chance of making it

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