The Importance Of Interview My Aunt And Uncle

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For this assignment I interviewed my Aunt and Uncle. They have been married for 20 years. Taking the time to interview them was an interesting experience because I learned things that I did not know about them. Hearing them talk about the topics that will be presented in this paper made me realize just how much their relationship and marriage has grown over the years.
Where It All Started My Aunt and Uncle met at a community dance. They were both at the dance with their friends when he noticed her from across the room. He eventually got the courage to walk up to her and ask her to dance. They spent the rest of the night dancing and talking to try and get to know a little about each other. They both said it was funny cause they each went to all the community dances and this was the first time they
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Sometimes it can be difficult because they were both raised completely different. My Aunt was never really punished she would just get some sort of time out or maybe not be able to hang out with her friends for a day. On the other hand, my Uncle was spanked or paddled whenever he misbehaved. They have fought over their differing opinions on whatever the issues may be, but they always end up talking it over and coming to an agreement on the issue and how they want to handle it. Time may be hard for them sometimes but they both seem to be happy with how they handle their issues and problems. Through these hard times they have learned that talking through a situation will always have a good outcome rather than fighting about it and not agreeing. Since they take the time to talk about their opinions on a situation they have never had a bad outcome when they come to an agreement. Yes, their children may not always like the decision but they are the parents and that’s all that

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