Essay on The Importance Of Inquiry Into The Classroom

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I have a mentor and former professor named Kimberly Mitchell that always reminds her students that in the classroom, whoever is doing the talking is doing the thinking. She runs a start-up that focuses on integrating inquiry into the classroom by looking at the statistics of that same notion; by recording and analyzing the time the teacher and the students spend talking in a classroom, she argues educators can get a better glimpse into how their students are receiving the lessons they plan. My understanding of inquiry is deeply rooted in this mantra. As I understand it, the goal at the heart of inquiry is to teach both content and process within the same lesson in a way that requires students to actively engage with the material and with each other to promote longer-lasting effects of the learning that takes place. By participating in a way that students do more than just recite facts, figures, and formulas, the concepts and skills learned seem to stick better in the mind given they are associated with a discussion or activity, not just a lecture. I would like to address a few questions and thoughts I have regarding inquiry before I dive into how I think it might be implemented in my classroom or in my discipline. First and foremost, I think it is critical to the process to make students aware of the processes they learn simultaneously with content through inquiry. Had we not taken the time to reflect on the skills we were using to determine the fate of the defendant in…

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