The Importance Of Inquiry Based Instruction On Increased Student Achievement Level

1030 Words Jul 3rd, 2015 null Page
nquiry-Based instruction is the teaching method researched for this paper. The research collected shows the importance of inquiry-based instruction in the 21st century schools. The students today need more instruction to allow them to discover the answer to the problem instead of the teacher always modeling the problems. Inquiry-Based instruction is a student centered teaching method and the students work in pairs or groups to solve problems. Studies have shown that students retain the information better when given the opportunity to connect meaning to their learning. The research conducted found classroom management techniques along with the challenges you may encounter to effectively plan, create and develop meaningful inquiry-based lessons. This research on inquiry-based instruction includes information on the role of the teacher and student, tools to be successful, and data on increased student achievement level. The instructor will implement inquiry-based instruction to 8th grade pre-algebra students. The teacher will collect data through formative and summative assessments, pre-test and post-test, comparing data between each class and student interviews. By implementing inquiry-based instruction students are actively engaged in their learning to increase their social skills, content knowledge, and ability to apply new knowledge learned.

Introduction This action research paper is about the importance of inquiry-based teaching method and how effective it is in…

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