Personal Narrative: My Role In A Group

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Birkrem Role
The overwhelming idea in within my group placed me as opus opinion. Much was said about how I sometimes take control and lead, but most of the time are very laid back and allow others to lead. It was strongly brought to my attention by my group members in a funny way that when I am related to the topic or have an opinion about it I make myself heard and are sometimes difficult to persuade.
According to the personality survey I am ENTJ. The Extraverted means that I will make myself heard and are able to lead. However, particularly with ENTJ, it only occurs when I feel like I am either the most qualified or if I feel some connection to the mission. If it is unrelated I won 't be the quickest to action, but in activities like the
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When I lead the group we stayed on track and efficient, but when I am not interested the group may not get my idea even if they like it because I don 't believe it it the best I could come up with. The intuitive portion of my personality is a positive for the group because I use knowledge not feeling decide. As a decision maker or persuader I am very blunt and concise. I like to work with the knowns. For example, in the glow product activity I supported ideas that were practical and inventive and persuaded why the other creative ideas wouldn 't work and would be a bad idea. This works very well at persuading, but may step on a few toes per say if I am going against an idea someone feels strongly about emotionally, even if it is irrational. The thinking part of me doesn 't help me understand other feeling either. I would always choose the option best for the group (or best for me). Many people decide by their morals and their past biases, but I pick by the most practical. In the life raft activity I became somewhat frustrated because I wanted the most important people in the aspect of survivability and usefulness in the long term. My group however, used their morals to try and save everyone. From a realistic standpoint the people I …show more content…
We would collaborate everyone 's ideas and were almost scared to argue our points. I knew that the trench coat was very important, but Sam and Alex didn’t so I didn’t make a big deal of it and allowed it to be put lower on the list. During the Raft activity however, I was more confident to stand up for what I believed in and get into opposing viewpoints to find the best solution. When we were all arguing whether or not we were thinking in the long term for rescue or a short term rescue I stood up as a leader and shared my opposing viewpoint against the rest of the team and persuaded some to rethink the rescue. I then proposed a vote after everyone expressed their ideas and we compromised on how long it would be to rescue and if they would live or die in the water. If this activity would have been earlier, I would have caved, but knowing my group members, I felt comfortable bringing up an opposing viewpoint and reasoning for it to find a

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