Essay On Inequalities Based On Sexual Preferences

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From prostitution to pornography, sexual preference in America is alive and well. We are taught to be aware of what makes us happy in life and to pursue that element. Most of the time you can find that people desires a similar things in life. No matter if you are liberal or conservative there are some things we all want. Mankind has always strives for freedom, we push for the opportunity of prosperity, we plan and work on our health, we like to see a very low amount of people suffering in the world. We want the best for our children. And we want to love whoever we want to love. The issue is conservative and liberals see the same topics differently and the United States of America use certain principles to determine the relationship of the sexes.

Liberals lean to government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. They believe that it is the government obligated to reduce ills or our society and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. They trust that the role of the government is be to secure that no
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Just ten years ago, people who involved with gay relationships were taken to jail in multiple states for overstepping sodomy laws. The government, which supported this in 1986, but changed their decision in 2003. The majority decision of the Supreme Court announced that people have a the right under the Fourteenth Amendment to engage in gay activity. Regardless of this turning point, the LGBT group still experiences many problems. Sexual orientation is an important point in social inequality. Gay marriage has been one of the most arguable problems with in the current year’s. Almost 650,000 gay relationships live together in the United States. At the time of 2012 most of them would like to be married, but are not allowed to by law to marry. But later that year President Obama endorsed gay

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