English Writing Problems

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According to (Nisen1) Humanities is becoming a long battle in the education industry. Teenagers and even adults are struggling to think and write clearly. I agree with Nisen that secondary and Primary education is a problem because k-12 humanities teachers are not as well trained as STEM ones, Federal funding for international education is down 41%, and many college students graduate without being able to write clearly.
Secondary and Primary teachers are not as well trained as those of STEM (Nisen 1). In elementary school, students are taught to write in cursive. But that teaching ends in 3rd grade, after that students are welcomed another form of English writing. Throughout the school years every grade a student enters, a new form of writing is introduced. Students are not learning what they should be learning in English when introduced a new writing style every year. Being
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When an assignment is given, a teacher gives a rubric that a student has to follow and that student will only get graded based on what the rubric states. This should be a time for teachers to go and do grammatical errors and punctuations but those are missed. This can also be the cause of why many students cannot think or write clearly. That missing extra attention that is missing in the English writing education is every writing paper needs to be treated and graded as would be in an English writing class no matter the subject.
According to (Nisen 3) De-emphasizing, de-funding, and demonizing. What Nisen is saying is that the way to fix this problem with humanities is to get the word out there into the world. The world needs to see what big problem students are having today with thinking and writing clearly. In order to have teachers be consisting and teach students the material they need to succeed in writing, funding for humanities needs to increase. Teachers need the same far training that STEM teachers are

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