Ethical Discourse On The Use Of Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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The article that I chose to read is called “Ethical Discourse on the Use of Genetically Modified Crops: A Review of Academic Publications in the Fields of Ecology and Environmental Ethics.” The authors, Daniel Gregorowius, Petra Lindemann-Matthies, and Markus Huppenbauer, discuss the ethical issues present in a multitude of academic articles in regards to the use of genetically modified crops.
The authors of this article are all staff members at different universities and specialize in the field of science, specifically in biology and ecology, and what those have to do with ethics. Therefore, these authors are very credible and also reliable since they are experts in the previously mentioned fields. The topic presented centers around the ethical standpoint of a wide variety of scientific academic journals in regards to the use of genetically modified crops. The purpose is to inform the audience of the ethical issues that arise when discussing genetically modified crops, and to show just how complex the issue really is. The audience includes anyone who is interested in genetically modified crops and the different arguments surrounding its usage, especially the ones present in scientific academic journal publications.
The disciplinary area of the humanities centers around the human experience and attempts to analyze the ways in which we think, create meaning, and how we express ourselves. Authors who write in the humanities often use texts as the focus point of their…

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