The Importance Of Human Resources In Business Management

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Human Resources

Human resources has been defined as the personnel of a business or an organization, considered an asset in terms of the skills, competencies and abilities they are equipped with. This is regarded as one of the most important elements in the successful performance of business ventures due to the fact that they play a major role in the implementation of business planning, setting future goals and working on daily business operations. According to Ruth (2016), human resources help in the control of the budget, the improvement of the performance and in the sustainability of the business. From all this information, it is clear that it is important to have effective, professional and perfectly-performing human resources. In the business
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According to Nickel (2016), human resources are viewed as employees who are responsible and accountable and who are engaged in the operations of the business. When employees are accountable for the business they work for, they do their best to achieve its goals as if they were their own. Additionally, human resources are identified as qualified and skilled employees who demonstrate the employees’ ability to work on the assigned business responsibilities competently to make the business as outstanding as possible. On the other side, Rurangirwa et al. (2016) have talked about human resources in a similar way to the global context in which they discussed the employees’ ability to perform the assigned tasks and their engagement in the daily operations of the business. In addition to that, Rwandan human resources are regarded as employees in the sense that employees should be able to work together successfully as a team. All in all, human resources or employees are very crucial in the performance of any business venture because they are the ones to implement plans. Qualified employees with specific criteria for success can lift businesses from …show more content…
In addition to that, the person leading should possess the ability to inspire their followers to work on the assignments given to them with a common goal intended. Business leadership has been viewed from different perspectives according to different authors interested in it. Tirkman et al. (n.d) discussed different perspectives from which leadership can be expressed or demonstrated. Good management is one of the ways discussed in which leadership can be expressed since it goes hand in hand a clear organization and a well-structured business management which might lead to a smooth running of business projects. In addition, Watzon (n.d) talked about business leadership in the form of the entrepreneurs’ qualities, which enable them to deal with the business’ effective management. On the other hand, business leadership is viewed as a person’s ability to lead, coordinate and arrange all business operations in a way that makes the business outstanding and well-performing. Rurangirwa (n.d) talked about management as a way of demonstrating the business leadership in different business operations. Moreover, Chikungwa (2013) pointed supervision as one of the ways of demonstrating someone’s leadership in business. Leadership is believed to be crucial to the success of a business, especially when there is a need to follow up with

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