Seawell's Argumentative Essay

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People’s arguments today aren’t as different as they were back then. Women need to not do what men do. Women need to say home with the children and be housewives. Colored women should not be allowed to have a right to vote. The prejudice women face today are not much different from 1911, as in the idea that they are inferior to men. Women should not do the jobs of men, nor do what they do, women need to stay where they are best suited, in the house. Women are expected to not be intelligent. It is believed that they should stay home and stick to the jobs that men do not do. Molly Elliot Seawell talks about how “No woman can have any practical knowledge of shipping and navigation, of the work of trainmen on railways, of mining, or of …show more content…
Women should not be able to do what men can do. Women should be grateful for being housewives since it’s such an easy task. Assuming that being a woman “Is it too much to say that it is the root of half the unhealthy and disease of which to-days unrest is symptomatic?… ‘We more fortunate women,’ she wrote, plead for the franchise, not for our own sake, but for the sake of the working women (whose "round of toil" she stigmatized as "drudgery"), because ‘it shall bring them at once something at least of the respect and consideration which form the basis upon which we more fortunate women build our lives.’” (DOC B). Today people still think that women should stay in home and take care of the children. Feminists find this extremely degrading and would go as far to believe that women should not be allowed to stay home instead of working. Everything is alright just “As long as women with children put family first, feminists’ utopian vision for gender equality—where 50 percent of women hold top corporate and government positions right along with men—will never be achieved” ( The SHEG document and the modern day example both express how how women are expected to play the role as housewife. Being a housewife is not a hard task, so the men think. As much as being a housewife is “degrading” it is the easiest thing and women need to do

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