About Marriage By Daniellenie Crittenden Analysis

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Did the passage of years affect how society views the role of women, or do we still view women as housewives? In the United States, women earned the right to vote in 1920s and after couple of years they were able to become involved in the society. Even though women have equal rights as men, there are certain expectations that society forces on the women, such as, house chores.When we see men as house husband, we see this act as heroic and we get amazed by those acts. However, when we see women as housewives we treat the situations as expectations or a normal act. “About Marriage” by Danielle Crittenden presents the discussion of marriage and women, blaming feminist ideas for causing problems. She claims that today, women can work in their field of interests and achieve their goals like men. Both genders earn equal equality and moreover, women have control over the marriage life. The propaganda devices that Danielle seem to argue for positive ideas, those ideas are in fact biased by manipulating the readers, because women are still expected to follow …show more content…
However, Crittenden fears that due to all those opportunities, women are so busy that they started to neglect their true job as housewives. They are expected to take care of their husbands and be a role model to the children. ( Crittenden) In Crittenden’s discussion she argues that when women get married, they chose their career over their children. “The many feminist critics of marriage insist that traditional marriage is incompatible with modern women’s lives.” (Crittenden 1) With the use of card stacking device, she mentions that traditional marriage doesn’t fit in today’s society. She doesn’t include the evidence to support her argument, yet she uses the propaganda device of card stacking thinking that her audience will support her.

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