The Importance Of Homework On Students ' Learning Process Essay examples

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“Homework” is a word students rather avoid in and out of school. Many students wonder why teachers give work to do at home. Or why they should even do homework after spending the day at school? Some think homework is a waste of time, while others tolerate it. Well, a moderate amount of homework would be helpful for students in school and in life. Moderate amount of homework? According to an article by the National Education Association [NAE], the National Parent-Teacher Association recommends about ten to twenty minutes of homework per night in the first grade, and an addition of ten minutes per grade level after that. That would add be around thirty minutes of homework each night in the third grade, and it would end up at about two hours of homework every night in twelfth grade. It is important that students are not given an excessive amount of homework that surpasses the recommendation because it would override the benefits homework has on students’ learning process.
Homework, first and foremost, provides practice for students outside of the classroom environment. A Duke professor named Harris Cooper and his colleagues published “Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement? A Synthesis of Research, 1987–2003” where studies were done on the benefits of homework. One of the benefits stated is “increased understanding,” which is that the student will be able to better understand the material being taught and given. For instances, if a student were to learn a new topic in…

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