The Importance Of Healthy Relationship Skills For A Constructive Manner

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learning to build trust with and how to trust others; learning how to respect self and others; how to establish healthy boundaries for self and appreciating the boundaries of others; and learning how to resolve conflict in a constructive manner. Andy will attend these group sessions weekly for three months. If his weekly assessment scores consistently increase and stay higher than the baseline, and Stephanie and other staff agree they have witnessed improvements in his relationship skills, he will be allowed to reduce the group sessions he attends to every other week. If after that reduction, his assessment scores begin to consistently decline and/or staff agree they have witnessed a consistent decline in his use of healthy relationship skills, he will have to return to attending the group sessions every week. Once Andy has demonstrated the consistent use of healthy relationship skills for at least six months, he will be able to stop participating in the group sessions altogether.
A weekly self-assessment will be used to track Andy’s progress in utilizing the skills being taught in the Real Relations group. At the beginning of the group session each week, Andy will complete a six question assessment regarding his feelings of the previous weeks’ interactions (see Appendix C). The rationale of using a self-assessment correlates with the strengths-based approach. Theorists have hypothesized that when an individual recognizes and sees the value of their own…

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