College Admissions Essay: The Importance Of Hard Work In Life

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Walking into the small Sanford lake park, I feel the warm spring sun and the fresh breeze coming from Sanford dam, where there are fisherman always fishing even throughout the winter. Baseball and softball fields always filled with young children and parents practicing are spread all throughout the park. The scorching, black pavement was never freshly redone and the yellow parking lines had all but faded, yet it surrounded the best basketball court in all of Sanford. This court is not the most amazing in the eyes of everybody. Its worn cracked blue lines and not so orange rim paint peeling from the baskets are in need of major upgrades. Yet still was the one place that taught me the importance of hard work in life growing up.
When I was young
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I started going with my family to the park on a regular basis and me and my brother became incredibly close. Going into my last year of junior high I finally passed the test that I needed in order to no longer have to attend the special class, my mom was so proud of me. When I got home that day I told her “it just took a little hard work.” Later in the school year a few months before basketball season came around, I got asked by one of my now best friends Andre to try out for the basketball team. Every day when I would get home from school I would ask my mom to take me down to the Sanford park to practice. I remember spending countless amounts of hours standing at the cracked light blue line just shooting free throws. Some days my dad would come to the park with my mom and while they went down to the dam so my dad could catch some fish, I would go to the basketball court and practice my basketball handling

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