Gun Control Laws And Regression Analysis

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10,945 gun homicides in 2014. 21,334 gun suicides. 133 mass shootings from 2000-2014. San Bernardino. Charleston. Sandy Hook. (Alpers; Palazzolo). Gun violence has become commonplace in America. As each day passes, more lives are unnecessarily lost due to easy gun access and lax laws. The laws in place in the United States regarding guns must be changed to ensure guns do not fall into the hands of dangerous people. It is necessary to acknowledge the appalling amounts of gun violence and follow the example of other nations to establish a system that makes gun access slightly more restricted and focuses on mental health in order to reduce the frequency of the tragedies that are happening every day in America.
The United States suffers from the
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According to the National Rifle Association, in Ohio, one does not need a permit, registration, or licensing in order to purchase rifles, shotguns, or handguns. The exceptions to this rule are fugitives, those who have been convicted of a felony offense of violence, those who deal or are dependent upon drugs, and those who have been committed to mental institutions. These laws, too specific yet too general, are faulty. These restrictions encapsulate many people who may have had minor contact with the mental health care system, while also missing people who have yet to be diagnosed (Grinberg). The lack of licensing and background check requirement leaves a large gap where potential criminals can maintain access to guns without …show more content…
Therefore, the United States should not be compared to nor should it follow the example of these countries. One source even claims that because there was a mass shooting in Germany, a country with strict gun control policies, its laws have proved useless. (10 Arguments against Gun Control). However, it is illogical to assume that laws are intended to stop all instances of crime. Laws against murder do not prevent all murders, but they reduce the frequency and protect citizen. Legislation to restrict gun access will work in the same way. The firearm laws in Europe may not be flawless, but these regulations have produced countries with far less mass shootings and gun deaths than in the United States.
The system for acquiring guns must be altered in order to prevent dangerous people from having access to weapons. President Barack Obama has already proposed a plan to increase gun control without violating Second Amendment rights. Gun distributors will be required to register as licensed arms dealers, and background checks will be expanded. In addition, government funding of mental health care will be increased. If carried out, this plan will ensure a balance between lack of gun control and taking away freedoms. Implementation of this course of action will make it harder for criminals to obtain guns.

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