Actions Speak Louder Than Word Essay

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An unknown author quoted,” It is so easy to believe someone when they are telling you exactly what you want to hear. But you have to watch what they do too. Actions speak louder than words- actions speaks the whole truth.” I relay back to this quote often, with life changing struggles. The bond that my family shares not only proved this quote is real but it is what some people should live their life by. As a result of growing up in a close family, I have learned the importance of being a wonderful parent, evolving myself throughout the community, and cherishing myself more. Growing up in a real close family were there was two parents involved was awesome. My mom was and still is in the National Guard, were she is serving her country proudly. I have not experienced much heartbreaks because I had the epitome of two parents. Family time was mandatory and my sisters and I will cherish, gracious memories to the end of times. Experience great family values majority of my life played a great role as the woman I became today. …show more content…
I can remember times when my mom had to make my sisters and I give up one day a week and spend time assisting and help feed the less fortunate. Although we was far from rich if my family could cash in the endless love they showed we would have been extremely lucrative. I now know the importance of what the lesson was and as a parent I make sure to teach an assist my kids with the same values. Getting involved in church and letting my kids know its power in praying, thanking God for just the little things he blesses us with and also being gracious for the many blessing he place abundantly on any given day. Praying, reading the bible, and assisting in feeds have changed my life dramatically and now I find it rewarding to be extremely humble, amiable person, who loves like no other, and would give my last an pray for others in a drop of a

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