Our Seventh Group Session

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For our seventh group session, personal growth was the focus of our group session. We started our group session by reviewing our group norms that were placed at the front of the class. The group process consists of five stages which are pregroup stage, initial stage, transition stage, working stage, and final stage. (Corey, Corey & Corey, 2014). Our group session entered the final stage of group. During the final stage, the group focuses on what was learned during the group sessions and decides how the new learning can become part of daily living (Corey et al., 2014). Corey et al. states that the final stage focuses on conceptualization and bringing closure to the group experience (2014). To start our group session, our group leader, Dr. …show more content…
Our group leader allowed us to speak freely and carry the conversation. She was also able to remain in control once the conversation got off track. Dr. Wallace, our group leader, was an active listener, participated in the discussion, and showed a sincere interest in the conversation. Dr. Wallace was relatable and always gave good feedback. She kept a calm tone, an engaging smile, and had a good sense of humor. The group leader’s theoretical framework could align with Adlerian theory. The Adlerian theory focuses on the individual’s goals toward success and dealing with tasks in life (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2010). The therapeutic factors that were present during the group session were universality and cohesiveness (The American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2007) As a group, we acknowledge our main goal , created a plan to successfully obtain our goal, and identified things we can do to get closer to our personal goal. Our similarities brought cohesiveness amongst the group. To close our session, on a scale from 1-5, who confident did we feel that our action plan will be successful? I chose 4 because I’m confident about completing my goal but I’m worried about my spending habits and maintaining my discipline on

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