Garland, Jones, And Kolodny Model Of Group Process In Remember The Titans

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The following paper is an analysis and comparison of the group process. The paper will discuss similarities between the stages of the Garland, Jones, and Kolodny Model of group stages (Zastrow, 2015). The paper will also discuss and define recruitment, human behavior theories, family dynamics, group behavior, group dynamics, group process, problem solving, oppression, diversity, and values and ethics, as well as implications of generalist practice social work as they are used in the film, Remember the Titans. In the film Remember the Titans, the plot clearly and almost perfectly follows the model of the group process from beginning to end. The film is based on the true story of T.C. Williams High School, and takes place in Virginia in 1971. …show more content…
The ecological theory incorporates the PIE, (person in environment) perspective. It takes into account that a person is effected not only individually and internally, but also by their environment (Dale & Smith, 2013). This could explain why the players were skeptical and prejudice against one another before they knew one another. The players had lived in and been raised in an environment that was segregated and racist; therefore they had been influenced by this segregation and racism. The social learning suggests that individuals are influenced by observations and reactions of those around them (Dale & Smith, 2013). This could explain why the players were skeptical of each other at first, and also why they integrated well with each other. They were reluctant of one another at first because that was the attitude they had been exposed to socially; however, they integrated well because once they were around the players of opposite race, they realized there was no differences between them and developed bonds and friendships with one another.
Family Dynamics
Family dynamics are the ways in which families interact and relate to one another. Family dynamics are seen throughout the movie. The first time we see the example of family used, is when the boys are loading onto the bus for camp, and Coach Boone tells Gary that the other boys on the team are his brothers
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The Coaches begin to negotiate terms of Coach Yoast’s position, here we see Coach Boone clearly establish his leadership role when he tells Coach Yoast he will “allow Coach Tyrell to stay on and coach a special team” (Yakin , "Remember the Titans"). When the team meets to go to camp another power struggle takes place, this time between Coach Boone and Gerry. Gerry attempts to take control of the team and tell Coach Boone which positions he and the other players will play, Coach Boone again substantiates his leadership when he tells Gerry that he is Gerry’s daddy, and tells him it is his daddy’s

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