The Advantages Of Integrative Group Therapy

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The process of integrative group therapy comes from the recognition that no single theory on its own can be effectively in group counseling to benefit each individual participating in the group. Therefore, group counseling must include a combination of cognitive and behavioral techniques because I believe that no single theory has all the answers. An Integrative approach to group counseling can be a necessary advantage for a leader to relate to each person with in the group. Norcross and Beutler (2008), believe that psychotherapy should have flexibility to be personalized to the different needs and contexts of the group and not applied as one theory fits all. In other word different group members will respond better to different therapeutic …show more content…
E = Cognitive and Emotional effects of revised beliefs
Ellis believe the concept of this that people create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy and fail because they belief they will. The mind is very powerful and I believe this type of therapy for beneficial for individuals in the group struggling with low self-esteem why try to form their identity. I would use techniques as a group leader such as role playing and relaxation train and also working through the ABCDE process to change negative thinking about different situations.
Cognitive therapy also applies the concept of change negative thoughts and beliefs (Norcross & Beutler). This is a more directive approach because the group leader should assist group members to work
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The existential approach is highly useful in work with culturally diverse clients because of its focus is on the common ground that we all. As it can be the existential approach can be effectively applied with diverse individuals with a wide range of specific problems and different settings. The person centered approach useful for group counseling because it is all about respect the values of each member and this approach brings people from diverse cultures together. Cognitive behavior therapy is culturally sensitive because all the group members will incorporate their belief systems as part of the self-exploring method. It is the leader’s role to accommodate cultural diversity because it can have a profound aspect on each member of the group (Corey,

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