Group Process Observation

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1. Discussion of your personal reactions and experiences (thoughts, feelings, behaviors) during the session. Today’s session was not very pleasant for me because I felt aggravated going into the group. After the last group meeting, I was not impressed with the leaders and I was not happy that there was no theme or direction. I am aware that my possible contempt or bias is due to the fact that I like well-structured activities, but I expect that there should be some evidence of a direction or goal for the group in order to facilitate movement. In fact, we had an assignment to bring to group which we never got to because group went in a different direction. I will try to bring up my feelings at the next group meeting.
I felt a little overwhelmed
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Group Process observations: I have noticed in the group process that no one has spoken up about the direction the group should move. We are still following the cues from the leaders instead of using them as facilitators. I do not feel the leaders have a clear goal in mind for the group, nor do I see effective co-facilitating. At this point in group, we seem to be doing individual therapy with an audience, as each therapist tries to draw out of each individual an emotion. Consequently, each therapist tries to reflect what they think they heard and try to understand the individual’s processes. We need to determine what type of group we are: Psychoeducational, counseling or even a task …show more content…
I witnessed two members express their emotions with tears, and one member expressed frustration with very little sign of affect. Members are empathetic and supportive to everyone’s point of view and expressions. Members are frequently linking themselves to each other. One member still remains silent throughout most of the time.
* Norms: We have maintained the agreed upon norms. One norm that seems to be accepted by the group which I do not care for is the guided breathing exercise at commencement of group.
* Therapeutic Factors: I do not see much instillation of hope at this time because there is no goal. There is a strong presence of universality as we all empathize with expressed emotions and thoughts. The support one member offered another in the form of a hug after the group ended showed me there is altruism at work in this group along with catharsis.
* Group Development: We need to work on group cohesiveness. Understanding the existential factors in which some members enjoy being a part of the group but may not get caught up in the same aspects of an issue as others is important. Our group is still in the initial phase and we are trying to find our balance with structure, leadership, and

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