Middle Stage Skills In Group Work

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Name at least 3 of the middle stage skills of group work.
According to Toseland & Rivas (2012) the middle stage of groups focus on objectives, goals, and the task developed earlier in the during the group. Preparing for group meetings, helping members to achieve goals, monitoring and evaluating the group’s process are three of the middle stage skills of group work. It is important that the group leader continues to assess and reassess group needs in order to prepare for meeting and have relevant material/resources. Helping members to achieve their goals is important because it is probably the main reason they are attending the groups and continue to be a part of the group, voluntary and involuntary clients. It is essential to monitor
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Treatment plans are used to help members achieve goals. Treatment plans are used as contracts to guide members. Also, treatment plans help motivate group members’ participation. Treatment plans are used as a course of action, step by step procedure to members meet their …show more content…
According to Toseland & Rivas (2012) enabler, broker, mediator, advocate, and educator are roles social worker use to assist members complete their treatment plans. As an enabler social workers guide member to use their own resources and strengths. Broker provide resources that might aid in treatment plan process. Helping members settle disputes is being a mediator. Social worker advocate by presenting the members in the best of their needs. Educator gives members information to assist with resolving issues.

How would you work with resistant group members during the middle phase of group work?
As a social worker I would work with resistant group members by building a rapport with members through a nonjudgmental attitude. I would explore with members their feeling of resistance. Learning the reason why members oppose the group might help me as the social worker come up with a plan that will encourage participation. Also, I feel informing members what they can personally gain from the group can change their resistant

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