The Importance Of Group Dynamic Essays

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The Importance of Group Dynamic
Working back to back twelve hour shifts can be stressful and tiresome. Having to work with the same people over and over again can be bothersome as well. The hospital employees are always working throughout the day and night every holiday as well. You may not realize how much of their time goes to their job and some of the workers that I know including my mother wouldn’t trade it for the world. “In the healthcare setting, particularly the hospital setting, individual contributors are members of numerous groups. For example, there are profession-based groups (nurses, physicians, or pharmacists) and groups responsible for running different units (neonatal care unit, intensive care unit, or recovery room).” (Johnson, 111) In the medical field it is mostly staffed by women. There are approximately more than 76% women staffed in a hospital (Diamond). The workers that work together have a close bonded relationship. My mother is a CNA at Carolinas healthcare system Cleveland and with her being the only CNA at night it can put a strain on her both mentally and physically. Her coworkers are always there to pick her back up by goofing off together, or helping her out when needing it. Is it better for the healthcare employees to work together separately or by working with other staff assigned to specific functions in a healthcare setting? The patient needs to have a relationship with its nurses and nursing assistants and in order for that to happen they…

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