The Importance Of Goals In Leadership

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My first goal as a leader is let followers keep the passion for the work, even if sometimes we may meet difficulties. I think passion is the very important factor of the plan, it will along with all of us for the whole work process. The most significant effect is that passion can determine the attitude of everyone for the work. For example, passion can make us have a good condition at the beginning of every day’s work. Most of the people must feel that they are more energetic at morning than at afternoon. So if we have the good condition at morning that can make us more efficient. On the other hand, I think passion can make us stronger when we face difficulties. Because when followers don’t have enough passion to the work, if they meet difficulties, …show more content…
I also got a good score on work facilitation, that means I can do a good job of contributing work and time fairly and reasonable. Also, I can use the techniques and other equipment to help us finish the work appropriately which is very important in the leadership. According to the self-assessment 4: Motivation to Lead, I can identify whether I can be a good leader naturally. For the effective identify a part, I got 4.22 which is not a very good score, that means I have not enough confidence to believe that I can be a good leader. On the other hand, I think I am not a person that appropriate to be a good leader, such as I am not an outgoing person and at some situation I may a little shy to speak. For the non-calculative-based part, I still not get a good score, that means I may not want to become a leader voluntary if there are no special motivation to me. It’s not good, people can study from anything, even though, there is no benefit to you, we should know most experience is useful. These experience can not judge by simple interest such as money or …show more content…
In this part, I didn’t get a high score that means as a follower I may not do a very good job. For example, I may not understand other’s feelings or sometimes I only want to insist my opinion. So I should prove myself on this part, I should exchange myself with other’s situation so that I can understand other people because cooperation can comprehend are very important during the team work.
According to the self-assessment 10: Machiavellianism, I have a very low score on this part. The low score means that I am easy to satisfy on the work but very sensitive to the pressure. For the positive aspect, I can make friend with followers easily and not a “cool man” so that I can cooperate with others well. For the negative aspect, I am a little afraid to face pressure and don’t like it, so if I or my team meet difficulties I will deal with it more difficult than

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