Personal Narrative: My Goal As A Leader

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My first goal as a leader is let followers keep the passion for the work, even if sometimes we may meet difficulties. I think passion is the very important factor of the plan, it will along with all of us for the whole work process. The most significant effect is that passion can determine the attitude of everyone for the work. For example, passion can make us have a good condition at the beginning of every day’s work. Most of the people must feel that they are more energetic at morning than at afternoon. So if we have the good condition at morning that can make us more efficient. On the other hand, I think passion can make us stronger when we face difficulties. Because when followers don’t have enough passion to the work, if they meet difficulties, …show more content…
After leaders realize the problem, they should learn how to deal with it. I think as a leader, we shouldn’t afraid of facing the relationship problem, we should find a good way to deal with it, it is also a method to prove our social skill. If followers can believe each other and pay more attention to the cooperation to finish the work, the work can be done better. The third goal as a leader for me is let followers support me honestly. That means followers understand my thought and think this plan is good and meaningful. This goal is difficult because everyone has their thoughts, and even though leader’s thoughts is right, there may also have followers have their opinion. For this situation, leaders should firstly ensure that they don’t make the decision only for their benefit. After this step, leaders should have the preparation of why followers should believe you, leaders should have enough reason and can persuasive followers. If there are still someone have another opinion after leaders persuading them, then leaders should make a personal conversation with them explain the reason patiently. On the other hand, during the work, leaders should pay attention to the opinion of followers to

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