Gender Differences In The Classroom Essay

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The main role in a class room from a teacher is success of her students. From standardized testing, to subjective assessment in subject areas, and even to daily assessment of students from class work and homework, you are shown where students are excelling and where they are falling behind. This gives the teacher, administrators, as well as others the chance to see trends across the country and nation. One trend that is being brought to attention lately is how gender is playing a role in test scores, attitudes, and jobs after obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree.
In the classroom the differences in gender are seen on the physical aspect, but when you dig deeper the differences are magnified throughout the different subjects. As research has shown that the subject areas of mathematics, science, technology, and
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This is where gender discrepancies are seen, women are not as likely to push forward and take the higher level math classes. As seen in research, the higher levels of math the greater the difference is between men and women (Ellison, 2010). This area of male achievement with low female achievement has been shown to be related to schools not offering high level math classes, as well as a demeanor of women in those classes, in conjunction with environment the students are placed in. Multiple factors contribute to the low female achievement in math that will be discussed later. With science the trends have grown smaller with the female presence in health sciences growing. The differences in genders still exist, but on a smaller scale. With science the main differences exist between genders on the same path as math, so as the higher achievement courses the higher the differences between men and women exist. With science the perceptions and attitudes of teaches and students plays a huge role in the forward progression and achievement of the student (Ibrahim, 2013).

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