The Importance Of Gender Diversity In Society

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The fairer sex, the weaker sex, for long women have been subjected to such labels. However, in recent years things have changed for the better. Many women have broken the proverbial glass ceiling and have gone out to lead organizations. It is because of such women that workplace have come to realize the importance of gender diversity. Gender diversity can bring great value to an organization as they have diverse thoughts and can convert thoughts towards the success of the organization. Diverse thoughts cover different ideas and may cover all angles. The advancement of technology and advent of social media has given women a new form of expression to push boundaries and rewrite rules.
India has ever been a land of paradigm and fascination. People
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This diversity impacts their learning process, attitude, perceptions and relation to work (Rai 2012). Over the years, we have seen women in leadership roles in the government bodies, in diplomacy, in legislative assembly, in public sector companies and in private sector companies . As both men and women have different networks, the combination of their networks will create a large network and hence benefitting the organization in expanding their reach and impacting the society and solving complex problems. It is not possible for every women to reach at the top level because they are more linked to family responsibilities. They devote more time and probably commitment to the domestic sphere. The lack of adequate work-life balance makes many high potential women to give up on their careers. Companies should understand the women’s needs at various stages of their …show more content…
However, recent studies on involvement of women in leadership roles portray a pathetic picture of gender equality. Research is focused on understanding perspectives of male employees towards female employees. A study conducted by KPMG, to understand the viewpoints of senior management personnel in context of women in leadership roles, revealed that 60% of these personnel believed that women are equally capable in taking strategic decisions to their male counterparts .
Today women participation has increased in Indian organization. They are competent enough to enter the workplace on their own capability. Women empowerment can be seen with the rise in women participation in diverse fields. They are not just technically and logically strong but also more ambitious and passionate and are willing to work hard for growth in future. Women on top positions believe in themselves and feel that gender should not be a bias for

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