The Importance Of Fun In The Workplace

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Fun at work involves any social, interpersonal, or task activities at work of a playful or humorous nature which provides an individual with amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure. This definition is consistent with previous conceptualizations, such as McDowell (2005) who defined fun at work as engaging in activities not specifically related to the job that is enjoyable, amusing, or playful. Such activities are indicative of a fun work environment, which, according to Ford, McLaughlin, and Newstrom (2003), intentionally encourages, initiates, and supports a variety of enjoyable and pleasurable activities that positively impact the attitude and productivity of individuals and groups.
Health and Gifford (2002) propose a theoretical framework for the
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The concept of workplace fun can be found in the publications of Cook (2009), Patel & Desai (2013), Fluegge (2008) and some others, who work to develop organizational culture that promoted play, humor and fun. In today’s work environment workplace fun has been promoted as a key element for the productive environment (Karl & Peluchette, 2006). Research shows that having fun in the workplace can improve productivity and performance (Owler & Morrison, 2012). Fun at workplace is pleasing and is even considered as a significant factor for letting go of the problems and worries of everyday working life. The fun comes with cheerfulness and happiness and it is said that happy workers are productive workers, employees must be productive at their workplaces and workplace fun makes them productive workers (Patel & Desai, …show more content…
In a tangible fun, fun activities having a physical existence like games etc. Many writers had suggested different fun activities in the workplace. Motivate and energize staff with activities like games, contests. Some typical activities also exists in workplaces like bringing food, give awards to outstanding staff, form a committee for some fun activities. Intangible fun, those activities are involved that have no physical existence, like a friendly environment of workplaces, feeling of affection, good coworker’s relationship. Rigby (2012) had done interview from some employees of working in service industry found that it would be more difficult to release stress without laugh. Numerous research studies indicate a positive effect of fun at work (Karl & Peluchette, 2006; Peluchette & Karl, 2006) these studies found that workplace fun leads to greater job satisfaction and show strong relationship for individuals, placing high value to workplace

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