The Importance Of Family's Influences On Literacy

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Everybody learns in a different way. Some people learn visually, some learn auditory and some learn through kinesthetic style. The best way to learn would be through the combination of these three learning styles. Using these three learning styles, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, I developed literacy. Along with traditional, nontraditional ways of learning also played a big role in my development and acquiring literacy.
Family’s Influences on My Literacy Development
I was raised in a middle class joint family system. My family have a significant influence on how I have turned out. They have influenced my personality, my emotional development, my habits, and a lot of other factors of my overall development. As a youngest child in my family
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At the age of 5 or 6 children would start school and go into first grade directly. Before I started the first grade, I knew the alphabets, understood the counting, and the place value concept. I understood these concepts because my brothers would take me outside to the field and play with me to count the birds or trees and ask me questions such as if out of 10, 6 birds fly from the tree, how many would be left there. They would also ask me the color of the flowers. Having these fun exercises of learning with my brothers increased my interest in my surrounding and made me curious to know …show more content…
I observed a big difference in my country’s school and American’s school. The classes were much smaller. Teachers were giving attention to all student, and students had a chance to ask questions. Even though I did not know English at the time, but I learned. I learned English not from books or teachers, I learned English by interacting with others, observing others and also using it in my day today life. I wouldn’t have learned English if it was only for the books. I used English language in my day today life. I experienced it and I also visually or auditory head it from the people around me and from television. Listening, watching and experiencing the language in my daily life helped me comprehend it easily and faster. Even today that I am in college I am learning a lot by observing my surrounding, experiencing different situations and also keeping hand on different activities. Human beings acquire literacy in a different way. Some people learn visually, some learn auditory and some learn kinesthetically. The best way to acquire literacy would be to all these three ways of learning styles. Along with traditional ways of learning, nontraditional ways also helped in my literacy development. Using my senses, my daily experiences, hand on activities, language, visualization making association and practice helped me acquire literacy in nontraditional

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