The Importance Of Personal Experiences In Adult Learning

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Adults learn differently than children or teenagers because they are able to apply experiences to what they are learning to understand the information better. When they relate these personal experiences to the information given they have a higher understanding. The concept of this is that the person has gained knowledge throughout the years by their experiences and are able to apply that knowledge to what is being taught to have a deeper understanding. This paper will discuss the Experiential Learning Cycles which are: act, reflect, conceptualize, and apply in which the adult can use their personal experience to learn. (Kolb, 1984).
In adult learning there are so many things that can help understand the information being taught. When you are
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I relate to Kolb’s learning model because using experiences and applying each step does make me understand the information better. If I just learn about customer service but not experience it, I would not know exactly how to react or know how to deal with the situation in reality the reason being is that everyone reacts differently and if I do not have the experience to relate then I won’t have complete understanding on how to solve the problem. But because I do have previous knowledge with working with customers or am able to have a hands on activity it does help to understand and apply new information to become better and perform …show more content…
(Experiential Learning in Higher Education: Linking classroom and community., 1997). When you apply hands on activities to go with the all the information taught you have a better development and knowledge about the subject. When I went to school for my associates degree I majored in X-Ray and most of the technical classes involved one day in classroom learning the information and then the next day applying the information learned in a professional setting therefore you would have a better understanding of the information given. I believe that it also prepares you for when you find your career job. When opportunities are used to have students explore issues, take responsibilities and respond it helps students with a better understanding of the difference between classroom exercises and real life situations. (Johnson & Spicer, 2006; Campbell Clark, 2003; McCormick, 1993; Verner, Keyser, & Morrow, 2005 cited in Spence & McDonald, 2015).
After reviewing and studying all this information I have a better understanding of experiential learning and how each step helps in learning more efficiently. The learning cycle helped me to understand what questions to ask and what steps need to be taken in order to apply the knowledge and have a better understanding. I am a very visual person and the experiential learning information helps me understand why I learn more efficiently when I apply

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