The Importance Of Equality In Education

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How would someone feel if his or her daughter had certain restrictions put on her education just because she is a girl? People do not understand how serious the need for education equality is until it affects them. All students should have the same rights in education as the students sitting in class next to them. Women should not be viewed or treated differently in education just because of their gender.
No matter what gender, any student should be able to study and pursue a career in whatever interests him or her. Mike Rose, a nationally recognized writer and educator, states in his essay “What College Can Mean to the Other America,” “that getting a decent basic education could make a significant difference in their lives” (Rose 246). An
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Many times, people hold incorrect beliefs that women do not belong in the fields of math or science, but these outdated views are changing. In Jacoby’s essay, “When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is ‘a Waste of Time’ Jacoby states, “many girls eliminate themselves…because of the traditional belief that math and science are ‘masculine’ subjects” (Jacoby 266). At Fieldcrest, all of the math courses are taught by women and the science teacher ratio of women to men is 2:1. This suggests that math and science are not strictly meant for men. Jacoby shares the idea that, “High-school girls who pursue an advanced interest in science and math…usually find that they are greatly outnumbered by boys in their class” (Jacoby 267). However, Fieldcrest High gives evidence that girls are not outnumbered by boys in science and math classes in every school. In my pre-calculus class there were 3 boys and 9 girls. In my human anatomy class, there was 1 boy and 12 girls. I think that my science and math classes had more girls than boys as a result of girls being more motivated to take the harder courses. Susannah, a 16-year-old student says, “any more science or math will just be a waste of my time” (Jacoby 266). At Fieldcrest High School we disagree with this statement because we believe that no class is a waste of time. Every class that students take, whether it was in 5th grade or senior year of high school, will benefit them in some way. Faculty and parents should encourage students to challenge themselves to take more science and math courses than the minimum number required. Jacoby also states that not taking certain courses, “may limit Susannah’s understanding of both machines and the natural world for the rest of her life” (Jacoby 22). Fieldcrest High School requires students to have two science courses and three math

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