Graduate Employability Skills

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There are many key skills that are valued by graduate employers, however it differs from industry to industry but there are many core common skills that all employers aspect. In a recent careers prospect survey (2015), it shows that employers are looking for six key graduate employability skills and these are:
1. Good communication
2. Effective leadership and management
3. Planning and research Skills
4. Teamwork skills
5. Time-management
6. Relevant work experience
With so many graduates applying for jobs each year, it’s important that graduates learn and know how to demonstrate these skills in the work place. The majority of skills shown above are important to me as there will help me achieve my career goals and also require me to get my
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KPMG the 3rd largest Accounting & Finance firm in the UK classify leadership skills as one of their attributes that they are looking for in graduate employees. “If you want to be great leader you’ve got to surround yourself with great people” (KPMG). Leadership is a skill that involves you being able to lead a team to success, by bringing out the best in their ability. During this module I have demonstrated my leadership skills, an example would be when I took the role of a team leader to achieve a task at the mock assessment centre. During this assessment we were given a task to do in groups and he had to complete the task within a time frame. As a team leader I organised and put all of the ideas together. I also collaborated with the team to conform the outcomes of the task. During the task I regularly made notes and updated the rest of the team with the progress that we were making. I believe my leadership skills played a vital in this task as at the end we won the group challenge and we were really pleased with the …show more content…
This skill ensures that people are managing their time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. In my previous job I worked as an office admin, whilst working there all employees were assigned to take a time management course. During the course I learned to prioritize all tasks on A, B and C list. I always try to tackle the A list first in every working situation. My co-workers saw a great improvement in my time management and were always complimenting me. I also felt a great improvement as I wasn’t rushing all the time. Having experienced the time management course I believe that I am very comfortable with this skill and it will help me build a more professional

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