Argumentative Essay On Why Education Matters

Mahfuza Akther
Dr. Bisla
English 125
September 25, 2015 Education Matters Is a college degree really worth spending the significant years of our life? Many people are questioning the value of going to college. A college degree is very important when it comes to finding a job. Studies have shown that college graduates have a higher likelihood of getting a job and good annual salary compared to others who only have a high school diploma. People with higher education tend to have a better life and a better future than those who are less educated. Educated people also leave positive influences in the world. College introduces us to new experiences and helps stabilize our financial condition. Therefore, education is not a choice, but a
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College is not just a new place; it is a completely new environment. College is much different from high school. The outside world is very tough and as we are growing old we will have to deal with and take up many responsibilities. We will have to act grown-up and accept and adopt many new things. Since many students live in dorms, they are away from home; therefore, they will have to make college their new home and learn to live independently. Along with these things, they will become more familiar with new people, learn new things, and get ready for the life later on. As young adults, we feel uneasy living with a stranger, but college teaches us to cooperate with others and understand them. As reported by the Pew Research Center analysis, “among employed Millennials, college graduates are significantly more likely than those without any college experience to say that their education has been “very useful” in preparing them for work and a career (46% vs. 31%)” (Pew Research Center, pg. 1). These higher educated grown-ups will probably say they have the necessary practice and skill to push them in their goals. College prepares and educates us on what it’s like living in a real world.
All in all, there are many beneficial reasons of going to college. College not only settles one’s budgetary condition, but gives more knowledge and also gives them more opportunities and chances. Additionally, college graduates have much more chances of being successful and learning many necessary experiences which will be very important for future work and

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