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I am writing this to help you understand my situation during DT. I am the main provider for my wife and two kids. At this present moment I coach and have a full-time job that supports my family. When I start DT I will not be able to do either of these things and it will greatly impact my family and I. My wife only works part time because of how much a babysitter cost. I work in the morning and then coach at night. I work seven days a week at the current moment to make ends meet. During DT my wife will start to work full-time but it will not be enough to cover everything. This scholarship will allow me to finish my schooling and get started in my career as an educator.

I have had great success as a student at WGU. I have done 40 CU’s
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My mentor has been there with me through this last year and has worked very hard and put in a lot of working hours to help see me finish. I know and feel that she is truly behind me and this will mean a lot to her. This also means a lot to my wife and kids. They have sacrificed not only money but time to see me finish my degree. My kids have been wonderful and understanding when I say I have school work to do. This will also mean a lot to my parents that have spent a lot and gave up a lot of vacation time to help me pay for things that I need. The last group of people who this will mean a lot to will be my future students and players. I will be able to help spread the knowledge that I have learned at WGU to all those kids. I will be a great asset to the WGU alumni and to the world of …show more content…
This scholarship is the only option that I have to pay for my last semester. My parents just had to adopt my niece and nephew because of certain reasons and will not be able to help me anymore. My wife working full-time will not be enough to pay all our bills as it is. I promise you that this is a sound investment and that I will use this to my fullest and never forget the good will that allowed me to finish. I hope that you can find it in your heart to help me achieve my goal of supporting my family and shaping the young minds that will lead us in the future. I want to say thank you to everyone for reading this, regardless of if you choose me or not. You make people 's dreams a reality that otherwise would be out of luck and for that alone I say thank

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